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Academy of Medical Sciences of Georgia

The Academy of Medical Sciences of Georgia was founded in 1994. It was the first scientific academy created on an alternative basis in the former Soviet Union. The purpose of the Academy is to promote the work of the medical service and medical education in Georgia. The main task of the Academy is to create optimal conditions for the development of medical science in Georgia, including the development of priority areas of scientific research, the education of scientific staff, the introduction of the achievements of medical science, the development of short and long-term programs for the development of medical services, and others. Also, the function of the academy is the production of consulting and expert work for governmental and other state structures. The Academy is a self-governing, self-financing, non-profit and non-profit organization, which has its own charter and election regulations. The Academy was founded by 29 doctors recognized by society, working in various medical specialties of Georgia, with the degree of doctor of medical sciences and the rank of professor. Among them were the leading specialists of Georgia from the field of both fundamental and clinical medicine. Namely, among the founders of the Academy were an immunologist, a morphologist, a physiologist, a pathologist, a therapist, a surgeon, a pediatrician, a doctor of critical medicine and other specialties. According to the decision of the founding meeting, all academicians with medical specialties who are part of the National Academy of Sciences of Georgia became members of the Academy of Medical Sciences. The work of the founding meeting of the Academy was led by the Minister of Health Protection of Georgia. The session was attended by representatives of the Government of Georgia and other officials. The establishment of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Georgia was blessed by the Patriarch of Georgia Ilia II. The Academy of Medical Sciences of Georgia was registered with the Ministry of Justice of Georgia. Until now, 82 doctors of various professions were members of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Georgia. 54 of them have died, and 28 members continue to work today. The daily activities of the Academy will be conducted according to its own charter, and the election of new members will also be carried out according to the election regulations approved by it. "Critical Care & Catastrophe Medicine" and also under the auspices of the Academy, the refereed and peer-reviewed journal "Herald of Surgery of Georgia" is published in Georgian. The Georgian Academy of Medical Sciences annually holds the Tbilisi International Symposium: "New Steps in Critical Medicine", and the Academy annually holds spring and fall sessions and other scientific events. The Academy had departments of fundamental medicine, therapy, surgery and medical ecology. Currently, there are departments of theoretical and clinical medicine. The daily activities of the Academy are managed by the Academic Council (Presidium), which consists of the President, Vice-President, learned secretary and heads of departments. According to the Academy's statutes, a professor with the degree of Doctor of Medicine working in the Medical Service of Georgia may become a member of the Academy of Medicine. He created an internationally recognized new scientific direction. In medicine, the members of the Academy are elected by the general assembly of the Academy in accordance with the election regulations. Moreover, the composition of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Georgia cannot exceed 30 members. The first president of the academy was professor Zaal Kakhiani, the first vice-president was professor Givi Dumbadze, and after him the vice-presidents were professor Vladimir Bakhutashvili and professor Guram Tatishvili, who was the head of the surgical department. Currently, the president of the academy is professor Ramaz Khetsuriani-Tbilisi State Medical University The head of the anatomy department, the vice-president is professor Zurab Kheladze, director of the Institute of Critical Medicine of Georgia. who before that was the first learned secretary of the Academy. The head of the theoretical medicine department since its inception is Professor Nodar Gogebashvili, while the heads of the therapeutic department were Professor Irakli Chumburidze and Professor Ilia Zegenidze at different times. Also, the surgical department was headed by professor Revaz Vepkhvadze, and the medical ecology department was headed by professor Kiazo Nadareishvili. The clinical medicine department was headed by professor Revaz Gagua. He was elected as a full member by the General Assembly of this organization.

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